Standing Desk or Fancy Chair

Sitting for long periods of time sucks, especially if you don’t own a decent chair. Ergonomic chairs can be quite expensive ranging from $400 – $1200+. Are they worth the extra money? If you’re in an environment that requires sitting for long periods of time, I believe they are.

Personally, I went with a Herman Miller Aeron from Amazon. That set me back about $800. It was a huge improvement over my previous chair. However, it wasn’t the magic bullet I was hoping for. Long periods of sitting still eventually bother you. The simple fact is your body wasn’t designed to sit for such long periods of time.

After that I started investigating standing desks. There are quite a few options out there ranging from DIY $200 to $1200 retail. One of the most important features for me was being adjustable. While I did plan to stand most of the day, I still wanted the option to sit. This lead me to GeekDesk. It has a motorized lift that allowed me to adjust the height from 23″ – 49″. The cost was also around $800. In addition to the desk I also purchased a standing mat. This is a must if you care about your feet.

The first week with the GeekDesk was rough. After about two hours I was ready to sit, but I powered through until lunch time and sat for the next hour. It felt good to sit – a feeling I hadn’t had in quite some time at work. After that one hour break, I stood for the rest of the day. I kept this schedule of standing four hours, sitting one, and standing four. It took me two weeks until I felt comfortable with the standing but the ramp up period was totally worth it. A month later and I can’t imagine sitting all day again.

It has been just over a year since I started with my GeekDesk. My schedule has a changed a little; I try to sit for at least two hours instead of one. I find this to be a happy medium. The only downside to owning a standing desk is that when you go somewhere else to work, it sucks even more to sit.

My opinion is your money is better spent on a quality standing desk than a fancy chair.